Harambee is a specialist Private Sector Development Agency and business consultancy designed to promote and publicise all that is good and positive relating to black business and, the story behind the creation of black businesses. Harambee was also created to advance our black brothers and sisters and, to assist other groups and individuals who find themselves disadvantaged from gaining employment through the traditional routes. We are here simply to lend a helping hand. No longer should anyone be held back because of a negative history. Everybody deserves a second, third and even a fourth chance. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity. Everybody deserves an opportunity to ‘right their wrongs.’

We are only successful if you are.

Too many people are unable to develop simply due to circumstance. This could because of a negative history (inflicted or self-inflicted) that is now holding back certain individuals. If there are opportunities for people to flourish, we believe many will take advantage if they have support, guidance and positive mentors. So, whether socially, economically, physically or simply geographically challenged these obstacles are moveable if there is a true desire to succeed. A lack of opportunity and self-belief are truly, the only obstacles to success.

It is in the interest of Harambee to identify those clients who are committed with a realistic business venture. Our clients must also demonstrate a willingness to be their own boss and/or understand they are gaining relevant qualifications to be able to take greater control of their lives.

We are committed to transforming the lives of those deemed most at risk of becoming marginalised from society by offering alternative routes to employment, championed and led by people with conviction. We will give people hope and a purpose to make a substantial shift in their lives, to create a positive future.