What We Do

We provide practical solutions to assist those deemed disadvantaged or marginalised to gain employment by using their own entrepreneurial traits. Our intake of clients come via, Self-Referral, the Employment Services, Probation Agencies, Social Service Departments, Prisons and Churches. 

Harambee empowers our candidates from the very beginning to believe they have and always will have the power to shape their own destinies. We offer our clients a fully comprehensive end-to-end holistic approach that will support them on their journey into employment/self-employment and beyond. Our main focus is to empowerment of our clients to become all they’re destined to be.

How it works

We seek donations, sponsorship, business mentors and empowering entities willing to help and support the objectives of Harambee. Allow us to utilise some of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget and help us reach new heights for those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. Our aims and goals are simple. We aim to be the leading force in supporting the next generation of UK entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Harambee will use funds secured by Corporate Social Responsibilities budgets to help those deemed disadvantaged start a new business and/or gain relevant qualifications to enable them to follow routes to employment. In return Harambee will take a 51% equity stake in all new business until outstanding monies have been repaid. Once outstanding funds are paid the client will then own 100% of their business.

If a client requires funds for a training course, we will directly pay the course fees to enable the client to participate. Once the course if completed and the client enters employment (we will also help with this) the client will repay back monies so, Harambee can continue to be self-sufficient and the client has repaid the faith we have placed in them. 

Some clients may just need a little assistance. For example, they may require funds for an electrical, plumbing, painting or hairdressing etc, course. Once a course has been completed (with an external agency) we will then help the client to set up their business or service they’ve trained in. We will continue to guide and give advice and any help required so they can further empower themselves. 

At every stage Harambee will surround our clients with professionals who will also maintain a vested interest. They will encourage and take an active role in the development of each start-up. Harambee will take care of accounting, business structures, business legalities, website, email addresses etc, etc. Our clients single obligation is to manage, operate and run their business giving, 100% at all times.