Harambee is a comprehensive business consultancy service specialising in business start-up’s, development, growth, strategic planning, marketing and sales. We were created specifically to help those traditionally labelled “the hardest to reach” to become business owners in their own right and, to inspire others in similar situation and circumstances.

No longer should we label people as disadvantaged and send them to the scrap heap before they’ve had an opportunity to shine. As a society, it is our responsibility to give responsibility to others so, everyone who has a desire to change can be in total control of their own destinies.

We must encourage marginalised individuals to come forward so they can begin to learn how to be active members in their own communities and assets to society as a whole. Harambee will equip and empower our clients to seek new routes to employment. Our clients will be aware that, the only obstacles they face or, are holding them back are themselves.

The young men on our homepage are Graduates from Harvard Medical School.