Our Founder

Harambee and the principal concept behind our company is the brainchild of Derek RichardsJones. Derek’s story is of someone who turned their life around after a few youthful mistakes. 

With no formal qualifications Derek went from convict to Company Director of Prison Technology Services and in 2003 founded the super-successful EmailaPrisoner.com. After managing the rapid growth of the service, the business was lucky enough to expand operations to cover the Netherlands and Australia. An additional money transfer service was also introduced and continues to benefit those utilising both services. Even today, in 2021, the business Derek started continues to grow year on year under the Unilink banner. 

Derek sold the business to Unilink Software who continue to grow all services under the renamed Unilink Technology Services, which is a part of theUnilink Group. Both Unilink Software and Unilink Technology Services have contributed to the Harambee concept. 

In 2015 two ‘firsts’ at the prestigious “Top 100 Digital Leaders” awards were secured for the Emailaprisoner service Derek created and, in 2016 and again together with Unilink Derek was grateful to win the Queens’ Award for Enterprise in Innovation and was presented to HM The Queen. 

Derek says, “there are many people from various backgrounds who are excluded from entering the business environment because of past discrepancies or negative past historical events.” In reality, we are only limited by ourselves because it must be endorsed dedication, hard work with support will allow us to get to wherever we need to be.

“This does not mean these indiscretions should be totally forgotten. But also, it does not mean they should be able to determine your future.” “Whether self-inflicted or issues due to being socially excluded, we are rejecting many individuals that could have a great impact in the business world and ultimately, our economy.” “By giving people another chance, we also promote social wellness, well-being, inclusion and social development. Whilst creating potential mentors and business leaders of the future. 

We all have a responsibility to help. We cannot sit back and possibly loose a generation of entrepreneurs because of a few youthful mistakes.”

Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

Luke 3:37